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How to activate the mobile phone battery if it is not charged?

How to activate the mobile phone battery if it is not charged?

Sep 11,2021
Many friends are complaining: The mobile phone battery after a month or two can't be charged after taking it out. What's the matter?

This is because the battery of the mobile phone has been stored for too long. During the storage process, the battery of the mobile phone is automatically exhausted (the mobile phone battery consumes power, mainly because the protection board in the battery is consuming power), and the chemical substances have lost their activity. In this case, charge it for a while.

 If you still can't charge, you have to use the following method.

Activate it with high voltage: use a 12 volt power supply, connect a resistor of tens of ohms in series, connect the positive pole to the positive pole of the battery, and connect the negative pole to the negative pole of the battery to charge for a while, as long as there is a little current, the battery is fine! Go back to the charger to charge it.

If it’s not good to charge for a few minutes like this, you have to disassemble the battery and charge directly to the battery: tear a small opening on the label until you see the aluminum shell of the battery, and the negative electrode of the 12V power supply connected in series with the resistor is facing the protection The negative input end of the board, the positive electrode is charged to the aluminum shell, and the voltage can be stopped when the voltage is above 3.0V. At this time, the protection of the lithium battery's protective plate is naturally cancelled; wrap the exposed aluminum shell with tape; then you can use it directly The charger is charging the battery.