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How much do you know about "mobile phone batteries"?

How much do you know about "mobile phone batteries"?

Sep 7,2021
How much do you know about "mobile phone batteries"?
The mobile phone is an indispensable tool in our lives, but how much do you know about its spare parts? This time I want to explain to you that the knowledge is about a spare part of the mobile phone-the battery.

1. About "mobile phone battery" mobile phone battery is afraid of cold

In fact, mobile phone batteries are also very afraid of freezing. The ambient temperature for normal use is 0~35°C. Temperature will affect battery activity. When the temperature is too high or too low, it may cause battery life and charging problems. Most of the mobile phones we use now use lithium-ion batteries, which are composed of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator, an electrolyte and a battery casing.

So why is the battery afraid of cold? Janon asked the master, who explained that when the temperature drops, the internal operation of the battery is that the reaction rate of the electrodes decreases → discharge current decreases → battery power output decreases → mobile phone power consumption speeds faster and charging speed slows → The phone turns off automatically. If you think your mobile phone is using up power faster than before, it may be caused by the low temperature environment.