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Can the power bank charge itself?

Can the power bank charge itself?

Sep 18,2021
Can the power bank charge itself?
Power bank

Modern people with mobile phones will inevitably encounter the embarrassment of running out of power. As a result, when people travel, travel or go out for a long time, the power bank has almost become a "standard configuration." So some people suddenly thought: Can the power bank charge themselves?

The consequences of this battery are undoubtedly short-circuit and burn-out. But if you think of the power bank as an extra-large battery, you might underestimate it.

The core structure of the power bank is indeed a lithium battery or a lithium-ion polymer battery, but on this basis, a buck-boost circuit is also connected, including diodes and other components to adjust the voltage during charging and discharging. In other words, the input terminal and output terminal of the power bank are not the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Even if they are connected, the internal circuit still has components working.

Since there is no short circuit, will it keep charging and discharging in an infinite cycle?

Don’t forget that there are resistors in the circuit. Only the wires have resistors, not to mention the power-consuming components. Alinket’s power bank consumes power slowly, causing the body to heat up. A qualified power bank will generally not overheat or even explode, and will have a protection mechanism that will automatically cut off the power after detecting an abnormal circuit.

So what if one power bank is used to charge another power bank? This is not equivalent to pouring a cup of water into another cup. Every time the power of the power bank is transferred, it will lose 10%-30%.

But it should be noted that there are still potential safety hazards for power banks that are not of good quality.