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How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Cell Phone

How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Cell Phone

Oct 28,2020
How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Cell Phone
After you get a new cell phone, you must want to know how to prolong its battery life. Here are four tips you can follow to maintain your cell phone battery.

• Fully charge the Newly Bought Batteries without Discharge


Before the battery comes out of the factory, manufacturers have already done the activation process, so newly bought batteries are with spare electricity. Before charging, there is no need to discharge the lithium battery, because improper discharge will damage the battery. When charging the lithium battery, keep the charging time about 5-6 hours to obtain the maximum capacity ignoring the phone telling you that the battery is full. After fully charging, please keep in mind to remove the battery from the charger for the purpose of energy saving.

• Turn Off Your Cell Phone While Charging

Most of the time, people leave their cell phone turned on while charging, however, this may decrease the cell phone life. Because during the charging process, the circuit board of the cell phone will heat up, if someone is calling you at this time, the instant return current could damaging the internal parts.

• Avoid Fully Discharging A Lithium-ion Battery

The Lithium-ion battery life depends on the frequency of repeatedly charging and discharging,  so you should try to avoid fully discharging it. Otherwise it will shorten the life span of the battery. You’d better charge it when the battery meter shows one bar left. But if the phone is off time more than 7 days, you should first discharge the battery entirely, then fully charge it before use.

• Keep the Battery Out of Extremely High or Low Temperature

Do not let your battery exposed to high or low temperature, such as leaving your cell phone in the car exposed to the direct sunlight or blown by air conditioner. When charging, it is normal that the battery is slightly warmer than usual, but it can't stand the high temperature environment. It is recommended to charge the phone at room temperature and don't cover any thing. If your battery is out of use, remove it from the phone, and keep it in a cool and dry but not freezing place. Besides, keep the battery away from metal objects which might move around and short-circuit the terminals.