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iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR Battery Comparison

iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR Battery Comparison

Nov 2,2020
iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR Battery Comparison
The battery in a smartphone just like the heart of our body which is responsible for powering the phone. The quality of a battery can affect the device performance, battery lifetime and user experience. This year, Apple released 3 new iPhones, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Let's compare the difference of the batteries between the 3 new iPhones' and iPhone X's.

Battery Shape


Seeing the first sight of these batteries, we found that the biggest difference between them is the shape of the battery. Apple first uses the L-shaped battery to the iPhone X. The L-shaped battery can reasonably use the internal space of the iPhone, increasing the capacity of the battery. It is worth noting that the iPhone X and XS Max L-shaped battery is a combination of two batteries, while the iPhone XS battery is a complete battery.


iPhone XL2
iPhone XSL2
iPhone XS MaxL1
iPhone XRStraight1

Battery Capacity


Because of these iPhones have different body sizes, the batteries size are different which affects the battery capacity. iPhone battery capacity: iPhone XS < iPhone X < iPhone XR < iPhone XS Max. Although the iPhone XS and iPhone X have the same body size: 143.6 mm*70.9 mm*7.7 mm, but the iPhone XS battery capacity is slightly smaller than the iPhone X.


iPhone X2716 mAh
iPhone XS2658 mAh
iPhone XS Max3174 mAh
iPhone XR2942 mAh

Battery Life


The mobile phone is already the most commonly used items in our lives, so the iPhone battery life is very important. Here we list the usage times of the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR for different projects.


ModelTalk time (hours)Internet use (hours)Video (hours)Audio (hours)
iPhone X21121360
iPhone XS20121460
iPhone XS Max25131565
iPhone XR25151665

From this table, we can see that iPhone XR has the longest battery life, followed by iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X has a similar battery life as iPhone XS.


How to improve iPhone battery life?


As time goes on, iPhone battery health will decrease, as well as the usage time. So how do we check the battery health and extend the iPhone battery life? The following articles may be what you need:

What Should I Do If the Battery Life Is Short?


If you find your iPhone battery life is short (not enough to use one day life) or the battery health is under 80%, you need to replace a new battery to improve the battery life.


With AppleCare+


If you have the AppleCare+, go to the Apple Store or Genius Bar to replace a new battery replacement.


Out of Warranty


If your iPhone device is out of warranty, you can replace a new battery in the third-party repair shop near you. Also, if you have repair experience on the iPhone, you can buy battery replacement online and replace it yourself.