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What should I do if the battery of the mobile phone is not durable?

What should I do if the battery of the mobile phone is not durable?

Sep 17,2022
What should I do if the battery of the mobile phone is not durable?
1. If the battery performance is insufficient, then we must find some ways to make up for the small defects in the efficiency of the machine and battery functions.
2. If it is a problem of battery life, then you should take good care of the battery and try not to do things that damage its life.

Avoid misuse and extend phone battery life
1. Try not to charge for a long time. The experience of long-term charging of mobile phones is still relatively limited, but the books are lithium batteries, which are often charged for a long time. I remember that when I bought it a few years ago, the electricity used for a long time. It was still possible to have meetings and write things without charging for nearly 4 hours. However, the two years are about to be eliminated. . It can be seen that long-term charging still has an impact on lithium batteries.
2. Try not to let the battery come into contact with water.
3. When the appliance is not in use, try not to leave the battery in the appliance for a long time. This experience has been a lot. After a long time, something will grow next to the battery. It doesn't feel great.
4. Of course, try not to charge it before it is used up. This is similar to charging for a long time, which will damage the battery life.

What should I do if the mobile phone battery suddenly runs out of power?
        At present, many mobile phone batteries can last for 1-2 days if they are not used frequently. In particular, smart phones consume more power. How to deal with the sudden power failure of mobile phones? Share some small experiences in this regard.

Carry the data cable with you.
        Nowadays, many mobile phones can be directly charged through the computer USB interface. It is also convenient to synchronize your phone and computer. When the phone is out of power, you can use the data cable to connect it directly to the computer to charge it for a while.

Spare battery.
        Buying a spare battery can prevent the embarrassment of a sudden loss of power. However, to keep a fully charged battery, you also need to pay attention to many aspects. It is easy to run out of electricity when you put it in your bag casually, and in the end it will delay things.

Temporary charging equipment.
        Check whether there are temporary charging facilities in nearby hotels, etc. Some hotels will set up such charging equipment in the lobby for the convenience of guests. It looks like it's going to be a coin or something.

Spare charger.
        One more charger can be carried at work or with you. If the power goes out, you can find a place with a socket to make up.

Power saving tips.
        Smartphones mainly use electricity to browse things online. If you can reduce smartphone use without backup power, you can extend usage. For example, adjust the screen display, and you can also use the landline to return calls and so on.

Battery repair.
        Battery repair refers to the general term for repairing batteries with reduced performance or failure by physical or chemical means. Through repair, the capacity of the battery can be restored, the service life of the battery can be prolonged, and various performances of the battery can be improved.

Lithium battery calibration.
        The shorter battery life of the notebook is because the notebook BIOS system misjudged the battery power during the battery charging and discharging process for many times. In this case, we can make full use of the remaining power of the notebook through the battery calibration method.

Mobile phone lithium battery repair.
        The life of each mobile phone battery is indeed constant, determined by its number of charging cycles, generally 400-600 times. However, the user's usage habits will also have a greater impact on the battery. Bad usage habits, such as overcharging, overdischarging, high temperature storage environment, etc., will cause irreversible damage to the battery, shorten the life of the battery, and sometimes have potential safety hazards. In addition, by closing idle programs, saving power reasonably, using every drop of power on the blade, and doing more meaningful things with limited power.

Kind tips:
        Develop good usage habits, do not wait until the battery is completely dead to recharge, and do not continuously overcharge for a long time. Lithium-ion likes shallow discharge and shallow charge. Of course, it's very difficult for an average user to remember when it's time to charge or turn off software and other power-saving actions.