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Five simple steps to make your phone battery last longer

Five simple steps to make your phone battery last longer

Aug 26,2022

        I don't know if you have ever had such an experience. I went out early in the morning with a cell phone that was just fully charged, and after using it for a while, I found that the power dropped drastically, and even a power trip occurred, and the power dropped from 80% to 30% is also common.

        Why is this? Due to the misjudgment of the battery power by the system during the multiple charging and discharging process, especially for Android mobile phones, this situation occurs. The system mistakenly thinks that the battery is fully charged, and it shows that it is fully charged or even prevents the charger from continuing to charge. In fact, it is far from being fully charged. It is for these reasons that the battery life of the mobile phone is shortened and the battery cannot be fully charged. Correcting the battery can solve the above problems.

        The following introduces the specific method of battery calibration, 5 steps to easily save your battery.

1. First of all, the mobile phone must be rooted. For those who have not been rooted, first root your mobile phone with the ROOT master.

2. Turn off the phone, plug it in to charge, and know that the phone is fully charged or fully charged.

3. Do not turn off the power to turn on the phone, download and start the "RE File Manager", open the data file - select system - long press to delete the batterystats.bin file.

4. Unplug the power supply and use the phone normally until it is powered off automatically. At this time, the phone still has some residual power. After one to two minutes, turn on the phone again to use up the remaining power.

5. At this time, the mobile phone has re-obtained the current battery power information, and it can be used normally when it is fully charged in the off state.

        Since batterystats.bin records the power of the system, it records various battery information files including voltage. The purpose of deleting it is to let the system re-record the information of the current battery of the mobile phone (the battery must be saturated), thus Let the battery reach the best state and let the system make full use of the battery power!


        Today, when the battery of mobile phones is becoming more and more insufficient, the method for correcting the battery introduced by Xiaobian can help us extend the battery life of the mobile phone to a certain extent. However, the battery will gradually wear out and age during the gradual use process. If the battery is not durable enough, we might as well replace it with a new battery to solve the problem completely. For mobile phones with non-replaceable batteries, you may wish to add a mobile power supply as a supplement.