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Is it better to choose a domestic mobile phone battery or an original one?

Is it better to choose a domestic mobile phone battery or an original one?

Jul 14,2021
Is it better to choose a domestic mobile phone battery or an original one?
Many friends have this question, "Whether it is better to choose domestic mobile phone batteries or original ones?" So Janon summarized the relevant knowledge about whether mobile phone batteries are domestically produced or original ones. Now I will share with you.

   The role and quality of mobile phone batteries seem to have been valued by many consumers, but most consumers do not understand the characteristics of the battery and the actual situation of the battery market, and the blind pursuit of purchasing original batteries is confusing. The original battery is good, but most people don't know how many original batteries there are on the market.
According to reports, during a routine inspection of the battery market by law enforcement agencies in a certain place, a total of more than 100 so-called original batteries provided by dozens of merchants were all counterfeit products worth tens of dollars. What is even more surprising is that all Commercial homes can't produce a genuine original battery.

According to statistics, at least 80% of the original batteries sold in the market are counterfeit products. In this case, even if you want to buy an original battery, can you buy it? The reason why the merchant wants to sell is nothing more than a high profit. Imagine that the 328 NiMH batteries on the market also sell for about 200 yuan. The original factory wholesale price is 140 yuan, while the counterfeit products are mostly about 30 yuan. In addition, most mobile phone manufacturers do not sell mobile phone batteries separately. It may not be possible to get the original battery, but consumers want to buy the original battery, which creates extremely favorable conditions for counterfeiting and selling.

   Actually, there should be no difference in the intrinsic quality of the original battery compared with the battery produced by a well-known domestic manufacturer. As for counterfeit batteries, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish with the naked eye in terms of appearance, but there is still a considerable difference in quality. It feels good at the beginning of use, and often cannot be used again after a few months because of the counterfeiters. In order to reduce the cost as much as possible, the use of used or inferior batteries, more serious is the counterfeit battery, generally there is no protection circuit or the protection circuit is incomplete, so that during the battery charging process, it is easy to burn out in the case of over-current or over-voltage. The phone even burst. Do you want to buy mobile phone batteries domestically, or to buy original ones? In the author's opinion, it is better to buy domestic brands! Mainly based on the following reasons:

   1. Since you build your own brand, you must cherish its reputation and be responsible for its brand, and never dare to be shoddy.
       2. Taking a step back, assuming that there is a problem with the battery you bought, you can also find the object of the complaint.

3. At present, most mobile phone manufacturers do not produce batteries, and they purchase from other companies. The design and manufacturing technology of their protection circuits are quite different, but for products from professional companies with first-class mobile phone manufacturing technology such as Janon Communications There is not much difference from the original.