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What to do if the mobile phone battery swells?

What to do if the mobile phone battery swells?

Jul 12,2021
What to do if the mobile phone battery swells?
Many friends asked Janon "What should I do if the mobile phone battery swells?", so Janon summarized the relevant knowledge about the cause and solution of the mobile phone battery swelling, and now share it with everyone.
The mobile phone battery will not swell under normal conditions for a long time. Excessive charging time will cause the mobile phone battery to swell, but according to the situation, some lighter ones can still be used, but the standby time will be shorter and shorter.
The cause of fever:

   The power consumption of the mobile phone in standby is the smallest, that is to say, the equivalent load resistance of its battery is large, so the discharge current is very small, so the battery does not heat up, and the internal consumption of battery power is small.

   The mobile phone consumes high power when it is in a call or game. The equivalent load resistance of its battery is small, and it discharges with a large current when it is working. After a part of the battery is discharged, the internal resistance increases. However, the current required by the mobile phone cannot be reduced. Then, a considerable part of the energy is consumed in the internal resistance of the battery, causing the battery to generate heat, accelerate the discharge, and cause the battery to lose heat. The use time is quickly shortened.

Fever prevention and solutions:

  1. Prevention method:
  A. When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, it is normal for the phone to generate heat not exceeding 60°C, and the battery will not be damaged.

  B. It is not advisable to use a high-current charger for too long. Charging for too long will damage the battery and also generate heat.

  C. It is best to use original or reputable products for the charger.

  D. If you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to use a cradle charger (slow charging method) to charge it, so as not to cause the battery to heat up. It is best to use the original mobile phone charger.

       E. If you feel that the phone is a little hot while using the phone to listen to music or charge the battery, you can use *#0228# to check its temperature. If it exceeds 60℃, it will immediately return to the standby state or change the battery. If it is charging, it will stop immediately. .

       2. Solution:
  A. If the phone battery has been charged up, there is a solution. Just use your fingers to find the gap in the battery and poke a small hole with the pointer to let the air out of it. If the drum is very strong, it is recommended not to use this method, it will cause an explosion, so as not to cause loss of personal property.

  B. Buy another battery. It is recommended that consumers choose batteries with better quality and relatively high prices, brand influence, and high reputation.

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