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What's the secret of the small mobile phone battery?

What's the secret of the small mobile phone battery?

Aug 17,2020
What's the secret of the small mobile phone battery?
After using the mobile phone for so many years, I found that the battery of the mobile phone is also very "hypothetical": when it is cold, there is no electricity when "a word is different"; when it is hot, there is no electricity when "a word is made"; If you’re not in harmony, you won’t be able to charge up... this is really sad. What's the secret of the small mobile phone battery? Why can't it be "lasting"?
Why does it take longer and longer to charge mobile phones?

   Do you think that you have been charging your phone for a long time, but the battery is only "lost"? Obviously charging was very fast before, why is it getting slower and slower now? The aging of mobile phone batteries is certainly a reason. In addition, there are many reasons for the slow charging of mobile phones. The more common ones are: unstable voltage; the charger is not compatible with the mobile phone; when charging the mobile phone, the surrounding temperature is too low; the charging port is blocked by dust, etc.

   What should I do if my phone is "frozen" to the point of no electricity? Warm it up

   The phone will automatically shut down when the temperature is low, which is related to the working principle of the phone battery. To put it simply, mobile phone batteries are chemical batteries and require certain temperature conditions to undergo chemical reactions. Too low a temperature will slow down or even terminate this chemical reaction. In this case, the mobile phone will naturally prompt that there is no battery. However, after warming the phone, its battery level will return to normal.

   In addition, the phone will automatically shut down even in high temperatures. This is because in the mobile phone line safety protection system, temperature sensing is one of the protection methods. Whether it is charging, consumption, malfunction, or high temperature caused by the external environment, the battery will stop working.
How to protect mobile phone batteries scientifically?

   Improper use of the mobile phone battery not only makes the mobile phone battery "non-lasting", it may also cause an explosion. In order to protect your own safety, you should pay attention to the following points:

   1. Go to regular stores to buy mobile phones and chargers that have passed the national 3C certification.

   2. It is best not to mix chargers of different mobile phones.

  3. It is best to charge the mobile phone battery when there is more than 30% of the charge, otherwise it will reduce the battery activity and accelerate the battery aging.

   4. Non-professionals should not disassemble mobile phones and mobile phone batteries at will.

  5. The ambient temperature of the mobile phone is generally between minus 20 degrees Celsius and minus 45 degrees Celsius, so don't put the phone in a place where the temperature is too high or too low.

  How to deal with the obsolete mobile phone battery?

   Many people are accustomed to leaving the eliminated cell phone batteries at home or selling them at a low price together with their cell phones. Some people even throw them away. But in fact, if not treated properly, these eliminated cell phone batteries will cause great harm to the environment and even affect human health. Usually a small button battery will pollute a person's lifetime water consumption, and the pollution intensity of a waste mobile phone battery is 100 times that of an ordinary dry battery. Therefore, a more appropriate solution is to send obsolete mobile phone batteries to a recycling center.