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The difference between power bank polymer and 18650 lithium battery

The difference between power bank polymer and 18650 lithium battery

Aug 12,2020
The difference between power bank polymer and 18650 lithium battery
Polymer, lithium battery (18650 batteries)

The first is the lithium battery 18650. Some people don't know the meaning of this number. In fact, 18650 is a saying in the industry, which refers to a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm.

Generally, this kind of battery uses a steel shell, the production rate is relatively fast, and the process is relatively less complicated.
Moreover, there is a part of the danger to the Japanese Wipe Wagner utility, the biggest danger is explosion.

The biggest feature of the power bank with this material battery is that it is thicker and inconvenient to carry. The manufacturer uses the battery frequently because the production cost of this battery is relatively high. Therefore, most businesses will reduce the cost when considering the profit problem. Choose 18650 to increase the proportion of their products.
The other is a lithium polymer battery, which is actually compared with 18650. The two can be seen from the appearance.
The shape is generally in the form of a sheet, which is thin and easy to carry. The shape is generally made into a square sheet due to electronic equipment, but according to the manufacturer's requirements

There may be other shapes. Its advantages are easy to carry, light and thin, and high safety factor. The disadvantage is that it sometimes leaks, and in severe cases it will burn, but it will not explode.

At least compared with 18650, it is significantly safer. Another disadvantage is that the cost of high-quality batteries is relatively high. Of course, this is for manufacturers.
If you choose, you must keep your eyes open. Although some power banks are practical polymer batteries, they are cheaper than the 18650. This should be paid attention to. Don't be greedy for cheap. Inferior polymer batteries are far from high-quality 18650. High security.