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The mobile phone is out of power, why is the battery less and less durable now?

The mobile phone is out of power, why is the battery less and less durable now?

Aug 5,2020
The mobile phone is out of power, why is the battery less and less durable now?
For modern people, the mobile phone has long become a "companion-level" life necessity, and it is simply a "thunderbolt from the blue" when it is running out of power.

Feel that current batteries are becoming less durable?

Let's take a look together!

Characteristics of lithium batteries
Most of the batteries used in mobile phones nowadays are lithium batteries, which operate in the same way as batteries that first appeared 200 years ago: one end of the battery is lithium, the other end is usually carbon, and the middle is an electrolyte solution where lithium ions travel back and forth.

The most important feature of lithium batteries is that they can be used as you wish. They are charged when you want to recharge, and when you want to unplug the power supply, unplug the power supply.

In the early days of nickel-cadmium batteries, there were many rules, such as "full charge and then use" and "new mobile phones can only be used until they are fully charged."
Lithium battery life
The life of a lithium battery is affected by the "charge-discharge cycle". Generally speaking, the charge-discharge cycle of a lithium battery is 300 to 500 times. Exhausting the charge-discharge cycle means that the life of the lithium battery has come to an end.

What is the charge and discharge cycle?
Take a 600 mAh lithium battery as an example. The first time it was charged from 0 mAh to 400 mAh, N mAh was used; then it was charged with 150 mAh, and then N mAh was used; finally it was charged with 100 mAh. , When the last time the battery is charged to 50 mA, a charging cycle of this battery will come. (400+150+50=600)
If a mobile phone uses half of the battery and then is fully charged, and then uses half of the battery the next day, and then fully charged, then a total of one "charge-discharge cycle" has been consumed in these two days instead of two. So you can combine your own charging habits to calculate how long your mobile phone battery can last.
Generally speaking, under normal use of a mobile phone, the battery life of three or four years is over. At that time, the battery of the mobile phone will consume more power, or restart and shut down frequently.

If used improperly, the battery life will be shorter, so it is also important to use the phone correctly and reasonably.