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Common tips for Android phones, dry goods!

Common tips for Android phones, dry goods!

Jul 28,2020
Common tips for Android phones, dry goods!
In the process of using mobile phones in daily life, we often encounter various problems, and we are often at a loss when encountering these problems. Don't worry, learn these four points, and the editor will teach you to deal with emergencies easily.
1. Mobile phone water

Mobile phones are now inseparable from our lives. When we are close to the kitchen or bathroom, it is easy to happen that the mobile phone is dropped into the water. When the mobile phone is dropped into the water, we often wonder whether it can be forced to turn on. Of course, it can be used before the forced boot, but not necessarily afterwards. As soon as the phone gets wet, you should open the back cover, take out the battery, force the power off to prevent water from damaging the motherboard, wipe and dry it before turning it on.

2. The phone is dead

When we are outside, we are most afraid of encountering the situation that the mobile phone is out of power, because we usually do not carry the power bank at any time. When the mobile phone is out of power, people cannot be contacted or even the money stored in the mobile phone cannot be used. When the battery is out, you can only quickly find a place to charge, and in case you can’t quickly find a place to charge outside, you need to use this trick-click to open the dial interface of your phone, and enter the following code in the interface: *#*#2846579#*#*. After inputting, click the dial button to jump to the engineering menu interface, click the last item to recharge.

3. Phone replacement

Now that the mobile phone is updated, the price is also lowered. Friends who want to change the phone should pay attention. It is easy to lose important data such as photos, chat history, audio and so on in the mobile phone. If you carefully transfer data, you will inevitably miss some data, and it will be more difficult to find these lost data when using a new mobile phone, so we can choose to use the mobile phone data recovery wizard to retrieve those lost data to prevent major losses.

4. Mobile phone radiation

As we all know, electronic products such as mobile phones and computers have a certain degree of radiation. Under normal circumstances, these radiations will not cause too much impact on us. When you use your mobile phone to make a call in the elevator, the mobile phone just needs to receive the signal. It will increase the radiation. Compared with the time when the signal is full, the transmission intensity is at least 1000 times different. Therefore, it is recommended not to talk for a long time in places with bad signals such as elevators.
The above tips are shared with friends, I hope to help you.