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Why do you feel that the United States does not want to contain the epidemic? What does it mean that the epidemic is getting worse?

Why do you feel that the United States does not want to contain the epidemic? What does it mean that the epidemic is getting worse?

Apr 11,2020

Why do you feel that the United States does not want to contain the epidemic? What does it mean that the epidemic is getting worse?

The data of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the United States is changing rapidly. It can be predicted that the number of diagnoses in the United States in the near future should be stable and rank first in the world! According to the latest data report from Johns-Hopkins University, as of April 5, Beijing time, at 3:50, the United States has more than 300,000 confirmed cases of new pneumonia, the world's first, then as the world's most developed economy and trade country One, why is the United States unable to control the development of the epidemic? Is the benefit of the epidemic getting worse for the United States?

Why can't the United States control the new coronary pneumonia?

There are many reasons for such a serious epidemic in the United States, but the most important reason is the contempt and inaction of the early US government. After the outbreak of pneumonia in China, the Chinese government immediately made a series of responses and issued a series of protective measures. Although we do n’t know much about the outbreak, we paid great attention to it in ideology and immediately began to implement the first-level infectious disease prevention and control measures. , To close the city, to restrict the movement of people, to stop all recreational activities, to isolate themselves at home, to isolate and treat patients with symptoms and suspicious patients immediately, to wear masks, to wash hands frequently, to pay attention to disinfection and hand hygiene.

But what is the United States doing at this time? During the two months of our active anti-epidemic, the United States is still working hard for the presidential election and economic development. The government has publicly stated that the American people do not need to wear masks or nucleic acid tests, and even some patients with mild symptoms are recommended to isolate themselves at home. treatment. The high cost of testing has discouraged many Americans. The blind and confident attitude makes many people feel that the epidemic is far away from themselves. How can the United States, which has the highest medical level in the world, not control the epidemic? Therefore, the United States wasted the best time to control the epidemic, leading to the "outbreak first" today.

Although the presidential election is of great significance to the Trump regime, and the suspension of economic activities will also cause huge economic losses, but when comparing life and economy, American politicians chose the latter, which is sad and lamentable.

Does the growing epidemic benefit the United States?

Behind the epidemic figures, all are alive! The growing severity of the epidemic is definitely not good for the United States, and it is harmful to China and other countries in the world. Nowadays, in the globalization of the world, the economic interests of all countries will be affected. If the epidemic of the United States as a world superpower becomes more serious and the economy suffers, then it will only bring huge disasters to the world economy, as a community of global destiny, The raging of the virus and the spread of the epidemic, no one in any country can stay away.

Once upon a time, we worshiped the spirit of cohesion, vitality and pragmatism that the Americans exploded at the critical moment. From Washington, Lincoln to Roosevelt, Americans were never afraid of the crisis. We hope to see the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The most dangerous time for the United States this month is here. I hope that the American people will cooperate highly in the fight against the epidemic. The United States government has attached great importance to controlling the epidemic, reducing losses, saving lives, and contributing due power to the victory of the global fight against epidemic!

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