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How to choose a good temperature gun?

How to choose a good temperature gun?

Apr 8,2020

How to choose a good temperature gun

temperature gun

Body temperature screening is one of the main means of new coronary pneumonia epidemic surveillance and case detection. Whether it is in hospitals, airports, train stations, or in public places such as shopping malls, residential areas, and enterprise parks, it is equipped with infrared temperature measurement equipment, which is convenient for Screen out hot personnel for a while.

Hand-held non-contact infrared thermometers are widely used in the measurement of body temperature in public places such as residential quarters, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. due to their simple use, high non-contact safety, and high measurement accuracy.

Infrared thermometer is mainly composed of power supply system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display, buzzer output and other parts. Taking the 6V power supply of four dry batteries as an example, the DCDC is converted to 3.6V to power the MCU main system (the specific MCU power supply voltage is determined by the main control platform selected), and then the LDO is converted to 3.3V to power the photodetector. Body temperature measurement requires high accuracy, and it is generally recommended to choose a low-noise LDO.

The photoelectric detector measures the infrared radiation energy of the target in the field of view and converts it into a corresponding electrical signal. The signal is amplified by an op amp, and then converted to the temperature value of the measured target by the main control chip.