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How to remove the power bank?

How to remove the power bank?

Mar 18,2020
How to remove the power bank?

1. Charging treasure is a mobile power supply. It is best not to disassemble it randomly, because the manufacturer will not provide warranty. However, in some special cases, when the power bank must be disassembled by itself, the power bank has the following disassembly methods.

2. Before preparing to disassemble the power bank, you must first observe the power bank carefully. The power bank's fixing includes nut fixing, card slot fixing and ultrasonic fixing. The charging treasure fixed by the nut and the card slot is relatively easy to remove, while the charging treasure fixed by the ultrasonic is usually not easy to remove.

3. For the charging treasure fixed with a nut, you must first find a suitable tool-a starter. Use a starter suitable for the size of the nut, insert the starter into the nut, and turn the starter counterclockwise. Remove it slowly from the power bank. After the nut is removed, the power bank is disassembled.

4. For the power bank fixed with the card slot, you can directly open it with your hand. Before preparing to break open, you must first find the point of force. If you can't find the point of force, you can use a knife to open it. You can also smash a corner of the power bank on the ground and follow the cracked gap to open the power bank.

5. If the power bank is welded with sonic, you can use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry it open. The power bank after prying with a screwdriver is usually not guaranteed. When you need to connect it again, you can use 502 glue or other glue Bonding, in the process of bonding, to ensure the appearance of the power bank.

6. No matter which method is used to pry the power bank, during the repair process, you must avoid harming the electronic components inside the power bank. Some components cannot be put into the fire (such as the lithium battery in the power bank). During the disassembly process Pay attention.