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What kind of power bank is good?

What kind of power bank is good?

Sep 20,2019

What kind of power bank is good

1. Weight: this is an important indicator to consider the quality of power bank supply.This is not the total weight of the power bank, but the relative weight.For example, for the same 6000 ma power bank supply, the heavier the power bank, the better for the same case material and the same size.

2. Conversion rate: as for the conversion rate, this is a consideration value for the conversion of power bank into effective energy.With the same 6,000mah power bank, some can charge the iPhone three times, others four times or more.In addition to the problem of virtual capacity, this is the problem of conversion rate.High conversion rate of power bank is good, but we can not purchase the site is intuitive test.

3. Charging speed: the charging speed is related to the charger of the standard power bank supply.On the charge time calculation, the time obtained is basically the charge time.Therefore, the charging time of commercially available mobile power products is generally slightly slower than mentioned.

4. Do not replace the charger with a large current to charge the power bank. The current and voltage standards given by the manufacturer should be strictly implemented.Although the current mainstream of the power bank supply is relatively safe, but the overcurrent, overvoltage of long time work, no one can guarantee that the power bank cell is not a problem.Of course, the built-in charging of the power bank supply has a protective circuit, but this does not mean that the absolute safety, use need to pay more attention.