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How to choose cell phone battery?

How to choose cell phone battery?

Sep 19,2019

How to choose cell phone battery?

1. Note that the product label on the battery shell or package should use the specification text, such as battery name, trademark or brand, model and specification, standard voltage, rated capacity, positive and negative electrode of power supply, warning sign or description, manufacturer name or abbreviation and factory number and execution standard.

2. Note that the battery label adopts the secondary printing technology. Under a certain light, from the side, it is obvious that the color of the barcode part is darker than the rest.

3. Note that the battery shell is made of special material, which is very strong and not easy to damage. Generally, the battery cannot be opened.

4. Note that the width of the battery electrode is the same as the width of the cell phone battery, and the isolation material between the battery charging electrode is the same as the shell material, but not the same;The corresponding position below the battery electrode is marked with "+" and "-". The hardware touch plate is bright and free from rust.

5. Note that the battery should be comfortable to the touch and easy to move up and down. The battery lock and press part of the card position should be appropriate and firm, and be closely combined with the mobile phone.In terms of the current range of battery use, lithium battery can be widely used because of its good performance.