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Is "Disposable Mobile Phone Battery" Reliable?

Is "Disposable Mobile Phone Battery" Reliable?

Dec 9,2022

Is "Disposable Mobile Phone Battery" Reliable?

Compared with batteries, the biggest disadvantage of supercapacitors is that the energy density is much smaller. I read the PNAS literature, the energy density is 13 Wh/kg, and the general lithium-ion battery is over 100, so it looks like 1/8.

That is to say, if the iPhone battery can be used for 6 hours, the weight of the supercapacitor that can supply the iPhone for 6 hours is 8 times that of the original battery. 

The algorithm here may be to calculate the theoretical time of the iPhone battery. Up to 10 days (250 hours) of standby time on the iPhone 6 and 16 days (384 hours) on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 battery can be played continuously for about 6 hours under the 4G network. If you convert it, the 2HR in the picture is enough to play for about 3 minutes.