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Reasons why mobile phone battery drains fast

Reasons why mobile phone battery drains fast

Nov 19,2022
The first reason why the mobile phone battery loses power quickly: extreme temperature causes the battery to temporarily shock.
       Apple officially stated that the best operating temperature for the iPhone is between 0°C and 35°C, and the ideal temperature range is between 16°C and 22°C. In fact, the normal operating temperature of most mobile phones is similar to this. The batteries of our mobile phones are generally lithium polymer batteries, which are charged and discharged through the chemical reaction of electric energy → chemical energy → electric energy. This chemical reaction is easily affected by temperature. When the temperature is too low, the chemical reaction speed of the lithium battery will be greatly reduced, so the discharge current of the battery becomes smaller, which directly leads to a decrease in the available capacity of the battery.

       This is why in a very cold environment, you will find that the battery life decreases, the battery jumps, and may jump directly from 50% to 30%, or even shut down directly without power. But don't worry, this situation is reversible and will not cause actual damage to the phone battery. When the battery temperature returns to the normal operating range, its performance will return to normal. Speaking of this, everyone should pay attention that high temperature environment will also cause damage to the battery, and this damage is still irreversible, so we should try to avoid keeping the phone in an environment with a temperature higher than 35°C, otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged.

The second reason why the mobile phone battery loses power quickly: the poor signal of the mobile phone leads to fast power consumption.
       Friends who use iPhones may have discovered that when we use cellular data to surf the Internet, the speed of power failure will be significantly faster than that of wifi. This is because when you are in an area with poor cellular data coverage, the signal received by the mobile phone is very weak, so the mobile phone will increase the power of signal reception and transmission to maintain a stable signal connection. In this case, the power consumption of the mobile phone will decrease. greatly increase. So you will also feel that the battery of the mobile phone is not durable, and the power will drop very quickly.

The third reason why the mobile phone battery loses power quickly: the actual capacity of the battery is already very low, which leads to rapid power loss.
       In fact, the batteries of our mobile phones all have a lifespan. This is because the components of the mobile phone battery will gradually age during our use, and the concentration of lithium ions will gradually decrease, which directly leads to the continuous reduction of the battery capacity of the mobile phone. Under normal use, after a mobile phone is used for one or two years, the actual capacity of the battery is not as good as before. This is also the main reason why we feel that mobile phone batteries are not durable. So, how do we check the actual remaining capacity of the mobile phone battery? Here Lightning Xiu teaches you a simple and quick method. You can directly download the APP on the mobile phone to view the detailed information of the mobile phone battery, such as battery manager, battery doctor, etc.