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How to use battery monitoring apps on Android

How to use battery monitoring apps on Android

Oct 28,2022

If you want a second opinion or additional features, there are many great battery monitoring apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of the most popular include AccuBatteryBattery and Battery Repair Life Pro among others.

The advantage of battery apps is that they can offer more details about the health and usage of the battery in your phone, such as temperature (to see if the battery if developing a fault), screen on and off times, plus precise breakdowns of app usage.

While many have free, ad-supported versions, most require some kind of purchase if you want a clean app that isn’t cluttered by flashing links and other annoyances.

Is your phone battery reaching the end of its natural life?

Sadly, batteries don’t last forever and over time the chemical structure within them breaks down, making it harder and harder for them to store a charge. While you can slow down this process by calibrating a battery periodically or ensuring you charge it properly, entropy will always win out in the end.

All is not lost though, as you can buy battery cases for certain Android phones or carry a small power bank to recharge it when out and about. These, such as the Anker wireless charger above, are not expensive. In the end, as most batteries are non-removable, you may need to consider a new device. If that’s the case, take a look through our best Android phone and best battery life phone to make sure you pick the right one.