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Some common sense of mobile phone battery

Some common sense of mobile phone battery

Oct 22,2022
1. It is generally believed that lithium batteries have no memory effect, which is misleading by manufacturers. Lithium batteries still have memory, just far less than NiMH batteries. If you use the method of charging for a long time, the lithium battery will also have a serious memory effect. Therefore, the lithium battery still needs to be recharged after use to ensure the use time.

2. The phenomenon of memory can be reactivated. The key here is how to discharge. First of all, don't try to save trouble by shorting the two poles of the battery with wires, which will cause damage to the battery! Some chargers have a discharge function, but this method also has drawbacks. The current when it is discharged is much larger than the working current of the mobile phone, which also damages the battery. Besides, it is impossible to determine whether the battery has been discharged. The best way is to use the phone to discharge naturally, which of course takes time. When the mobile phone is not in use at home for a weekend, turn it on to put the mobile phone in a standby state, and then turn it on and discharge it after it shuts down itself. Usually, it can't be turned on immediately after repeated several times. At this time, don't think that the discharge has been completed. You should leave the phone for a period of time before turning it on. Repeatedly discharge in this way until the mobile phone can not be turned on after being placed for more than an hour, even if the discharge is basically over. The method of charging activation is the same as when you bought a new mobile phone, charging for more than ten hours first, and then charging it for two to three hours. If you have enough time, the supplementary charging can be repeated two or three times.

3. Don't wait until the mobile phone's usage time is shortened to a short time before activating it, as it will cause insufficient discharge due to insufficient time, and the memory of the battery will still remain. The usage time after activation will still be short. Activation is best done when the usage time is significantly reduced. For example, the usage time of a new mobile phone is seven days. When the usage time is reduced to about four days, it should be activated. Such a weekend you can easily complete the activation.

4. Sometimes the usage time of a new mobile phone drops significantly soon after it is bought or reactivated. At this time, it is not necessarily a memory effect, but may be caused by poor contact. It is best to clean and wipe the battery and the contacts of the phone before reactivating: use a small cotton swab or toothpick wrapped in a tissue paper and wipe with a little alcohol. Do not use hard objects to scrape, otherwise it will aggravate poor contact. No alcohol can be substituted with high liquor. After wiping, use a tissue to wipe dry immediately to avoid the short circuit between the two poles of the battery caused by the overflow of alcohol.

5. Sometimes there is a space in the battery power mark, which is not necessarily due to no power or a memory effect. It may be a problem with the power mark function of the mobile phone. This situation usually occurs after the mobile phone has been used for a period of time. The way to judge is very simple: don't charge it immediately when there is a blank space, and wait to see if the mobile phone automatically shuts down soon. Of course, it is not necessary to check every time, and it is necessary to pay attention to it after a period of time. Otherwise, the memory effect of the battery will be accelerated. Of course, this is not the case with all mobile phones.

6. The mobile phone battery is the weakness of the mobile phone, it has the shortest life of all the components of the mobile phone. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy original batteries to replace. As for why, then ask the manufacturer. If original spare batteries are sold everywhere, who will sell new phones from manufacturers?