Phone batteries don't last? Here are five things you might be doing wrong

Phone batteries don't last? Here are five things you might be doing wrong

Jun 20,2022

01 Don't use your phone while charging

In daily life, I believe many friends fall into the trap of using mobile phone while charging. This will bring two problems:

Extend the charging time of the mobile phone. The charging current is generally higher than the current that the mobile phone can provide, so the consumption in this process is actually the power of the charging power supply rather than the battery.

Damage the service life of mobile phone battery, charging process for a long time, heavy use of mobile phone is more prone to fever and other situations.

People are advised not to play games, watch videos, take photos or make phone calls while the phone is charging.

02Don't run out of juice before charging

In order to reduce the number of charges, many people will choose the "deep discharge" method, which is to wait until the battery is almost dead before charging it.

In fact, such a way of mobile phone battery loss is great, at present we are using the vast majority of smart phones, mobile phones are installed in the lithium battery, do not need to "deep discharge"

Charging a mobile phone when it is running out of battery will damage its battery life, so it is recommended to charge it when the battery is low.

03Do not use inferior charging cables and chargers

In life, there will be some friends accidentally damaged or lost the original data line, will buy a third party data line replacement. This kind of data line is likely to encounter inferior products or mobile phone models do not match, there are unstable cell, charging current instability and other problems, especially easy to cause safety accidents.

04Don't charge for long periods of time

Many people like to turn off the light after playing with their phones at night, and then go to sleep, and then charge their phones all night long. In addition to affecting sleep, this can also affect battery life.

If the mobile phone is still connected to the Internet in the charging process, and message push and other functions are enabled, a new round of power consumption will start after the mobile phone is fully powered off, and the mobile phone battery may enter frequent charging and discharging cycles.

Instead of letting your phone charge overnight, make it a daily habit to charge your phone at a specific time.

05Do not charge at high temperatures

Hot weather is also a "challenge" to smartphone charging, because mobile phone batteries are very sensitive to high temperature. Mobile phone charging is caused by the polymer chemical reaction inside the battery itself, and too high temperature is not conducive to mobile phone charging.

When charging your mobile phone, choose an appropriate temperature environment. If the mobile phone overheats during charging, it is recommended to remove the mobile phone cover to help cool the mobile phone.