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Why can't the current mobile phone change the battery as before?

Why can't the current mobile phone change the battery as before?

Jan 20,2022

        The biggest advantage of smart phones is the upgrade of the system functions of the products, which can meet the needs of most users for food, drink, entertainment, food, clothing, housing and transportation. Now people can go out without a wallet or a stored value card, but they must not be without a smart phone. . With it, all the needs of life can rely on it to complete.

        Our meals, takeaways, shopping, travel, entertainment, etc. can all be done through mobile phones, and the cost is very low, as long as we have a mobile phone and can access the Internet.

        With the development of the smartphone industry, today's smartphones have introduced many good features, such as face recognition systems, pop-up lenses, under-screen fingerprint recognition technology, NFC, etc., which meet many of people's living needs. However, compared with the previous era of feature phones, the current smartphones all use the built-in battery mode, which means that our current smartphone batteries cannot be removed by removing the back cover as before, and there is no way for ordinary users to do so. taken down.

        Only in a specialized mobile phone repair shop, or with professional tools, can the back cover be opened and the battery can be removed.

        In fact, this is also the last resort of smartphone manufacturers, because today's smartphones all need to be waterproof, so if the back cover can be taken off at will, it will inevitably affect the waterproof function over time, at least according to the current logic, The battery of the mobile phone can be used for a long time, and there is no need to remove it.

        Therefore, smartphone manufacturers also design the battery in a way that it cannot be removed, which is completely designed to meet the functional requirements.

        Of course, if the battery cannot be removed, it reduces the occurrence of the user's own replacement of the mobile phone battery, and indirectly increases the probability of the user replacing the new phone. As a result, users can only buy a new smartphone when the battery is underperforming, boosting sales in the industry.

        In addition, the smart phone design of the all-in-one machine has also greatly improved the safety performance of the product. If the mobile phone has a potential safety hazard due to battery problems, it can also avoid its expansion in time.