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What circumstances will cause the mobile phone battery explode?

What circumstances will cause the mobile phone battery explode?

Dec 24,2021

    The first thing to know is that mobile phone batteries now use lithium-ion batteries. The positive electrode is generally lithium cobalt oxide, the negative electrode is graphite, and the electrolyte is generally an organic liquid electrolyte (ethylene carbonate, propylene carbonate, lithium hexafluorophosphate, etc.), and the shell is aluminum-plastic composite. membrane. The power of mobile phone battery explosion is related to many factors. The explosion of mobile phone battery is the sudden release of the energy stored in it. Then the power of the explosion must be related to the power of the battery. In the initial stage, the aluminum-plastic composite film can rupture. If the pressure is relieved, the explosion power can be made smaller. A dead battery has almost no risk of explosion. Assuming it is the same battery, the capacity of a battery that has been used for three years will be lower than that of a newly purchased battery, the stored energy is less, and the lethality may be less.

    Poor use habits may increase the probability of battery explosion. Poor use habits of mobile phone batteries are mainly overcharging and overdischarging, and using the mobile phone under too high/low ambient temperature. But because the mobile phone has a protection circuit, overcharging is unlikely to happen. As for not over-discharging, don’t always use the mobile phone until it automatically shuts down before remembering to charge it. It will affect the battery life. Just charge as you use it. , If you have to set a limit, you can charge it with less than 20% of the power.

    Another thing to say is that the battery of the mobile phone must be used up and then recharged. That is the correct way before, because at that time the mobile phone uses Ni-MH batteries, which have a memory effect. If the battery is not used up, the capacity will be attenuated, but lithium Ion batteries do not have this feature, and it is harmful to charge them when they are exhausted.