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Shock! These 9 bad habits are draining your phone battery! (Page 2)

Shock! These 9 bad habits are draining your phone battery! (Page 2)

Nov 19,2021
The battery health of iPhone has been updated since iOS 11.3, and the maximum battery capacity is displayed in the battery health. Some users have used it for a year and there are still 99%, and some users have used it for half a year, and it has been 93%. How did these gaps come about? It's because of the bad habits of using mobile phones.
4. Improper storage of mobile phones.
With the development of the industry, mobile phones are being updated faster and faster. Many people have multiple mobile phones. The storage of dusty equipment should be stored as follows:

When storing for a long time, please keep half the battery.

If the device is not used for a long time, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operating condition of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery charged before being stored in a power failure. Therefore, the recommendations are as follows:

Do not fully charge or fully discharge, the device charge should be about 50%. If you store the device when the battery is completely depleted, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, causing the consequence that it cannot be recharged. On the contrary, if you store a fully charged device for a long period of time, you may lose part of the battery capacity, thereby shortening the battery life.

Turn off the power to the device to avoid additional battery usage.

Place the device in a cool, non-humid environment, with a temperature below 32°C (90°F).

If you plan to store the device for more than six months, you should charge the device to 50% power every six months.

Depending on the length of time the device has been stored, a device that has been stored for a long time may be in a low battery state when it is used again. To use it again, you may need to charge it with the original power adapter for 20 minutes. 
5. The phone has been in a low battery state for a long time.
Keeping the battery of mobile phones above 50% or even 80% for a long time will help to extend the battery life. Many consumers report that the battery loss is extremely large after a one-month business trip. Fast charging is convenient, slow charging guarantees longevity. The mobile phone lithium-ion battery uses a fast charging method, which quickly reaches the first 80% of the power, and then switches to a slower trickle charge. Depending on the settings and charging equipment, the time it takes to fully charge the initial 80% of the battery will vary. When the battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the software may limit charging after the battery reaches 80%. This combined process not only allows you to bring the device out faster, but also extends the life of the battery.
6. Did not update the system software.
Battery management technology is something that manufacturers need to optimize for a long time. It is gradually improved as the system is updated. Many consumers mistakenly believe that the mobile phone system update will cause the mobile phone to freeze and give up the update, which makes the battery unable to enjoy the latest update. Battery management technology, thereby indirectly shortening battery life.

7. The screen stays at the highest brightness for a long time.
The maximum brightness of the screen can indeed bring a certain experience improvement. Staying at the maximum brightness for a long time will not only affect your eyesight to a certain extent, but also speed up battery consumption. Excessive battery consumption may cause loss. It is still recommended to keep the phone in the automatic brightness state.

8. The phone will automatically shut down and recharge when it is out of power.
The phone automatically shuts down and recharges when used. This is a very bad mobile phone usage habit, which will directly consume the battery and even the mobile phone itself. When the mobile phone is low battery, it is recommended to find a place to charge it.

Charging the phone overnight can damage the phone battery.
The charging chip circuit of the mobile phone will automatically switch the charging state, charging normally before 80%, and then switching to low current charging, that is, trickle. When the trickle charge is completed, the charging chip will let the circuit automatically cut off the charge.