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Shock! These 9 bad habits are draining your phone battery! (Page 1)

Shock! These 9 bad habits are draining your phone battery! (Page 1)

Nov 5,2021
Shock! These 9 bad habits are draining your phone battery! (Page 1)
The battery health of iPhone has been updated since iOS 11.3, and the maximum battery capacity is displayed in the battery health. Some users have used it for a year and there are still 99%, and some users have used it for half a year, and it has been 93%. How did these gaps come about? It's because of the bad habits of using mobile phones.
1. Use mobile phones in harsh environments.

The battery of the mobile phone is best used at a temperature between 16°C and 22°C, and it can function normally at a temperature between 0°C and 35°C. If the mobile phone is used in a place where the ambient temperature is higher than 35°C or lower than 0°C, the battery capacity may be permanently damaged. 
2. Wear a thick and heavy protective case when charging, so that the heat cannot be dissipated reasonably.

There will be a certain loss when the mobile phone is charged, and the loss will be dissipated in the form of heat. If this heat can not be dissipated reasonably, it is equivalent to the first case, which will also cause damage to the battery capacity. If the phone case is heavy, it is recommended to take off the phone case to charge.

iPhone Silicone Case (not related to graphics and text)
3. Use a counterfeit charger/cable.

Although there is a special charging chip in the mobile phone for automatic adjustment, this is only a guarantee and not a long-term solution. It is like a person eating instant noodles. Eating instant noodles must have an impact on health. If you are using a charger/cable that is certified or supports the mobile phone charging protocol, there is no problem to charge the mobile phone. It should be pointed out here that the double-way or three-way charging cable should not be used as the main charging cable, otherwise it will cause damage to the mobile phone battery.

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