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Mobile phone battery bottomed out instantly in winter? You will understand after reading this article

Mobile phone battery bottomed out instantly in winter? You will understand after reading this article

Oct 16,2021

Winter is coming, and the power of the mobile phone has turned on its metaphysics mode. I believe that everyone has encountered the following more or less:

1. The phone in your pocket is too cold to turn on outdoors, and it can be turned on normally after returning home after a while, and the battery level has recovered from bottoming out.

2. In winter, the mobile phone cannot be used at all, the battery power is visibly decreasing, and I dare not go out without a power bank.
3. The phone showed a lot of battery power, but I was already panicking. I found it out and ready to scan a power bank, and it turned off automatically in one step, leaving me shivering in the cold wind.

Li-ion batteries are so not cold-resistant in winter? Why does the power fail so fast?

After reading this picture, I believe it will be able to solve your doubts. First of all, this is the discharge curve of lithium-ion batteries under different temperature states:

          Discharge curves of lithium-ion batteries at different temperatures

The area enclosed by the curve and the coordinate axis in the figure is energy. This picture tells us that as the temperature decreases, the energy that a lithium-ion battery can release is decreasing. Not only that, its capacity is decreasing, and the voltage is also getting lower. Similarly, for example, as long as it is winter, even if you are riding a battery or electric bike, as long as it uses lithium batteries, the battery life will be significantly reduced. Maybe you can charge once every two days in summer, and maybe twice a day in winter.

For the lithium-ion battery on the mobile phone, is there a way to prevent it from losing power so quickly in winter?

Suggestion 1:

In the cold and freezing season, you still have to find a warmer place to use your mobile phone, which is very suitable in a heated room, and you don't have to worry about temporarily shutting down your mobile phone because of its temper.

Suggestion 2:

If you really want to use the phone outdoors, it’s more reliable to wear a silicone case for your phone, which is equivalent to putting on a piece of clothing for your phone, but this can only delay the time it's "frozen", so hurry up and use it up. Then quickly put it in his pocket. Don’t worry if your phone is frozen and stupid. Put it in a warm place and it can recover and be used normally.

Suggestion 3:

There is another important point. In winter, be careful not to charge the phone when the temperature is too low, otherwise it will easily cause irreversible physical capacity reduction of the battery. As for the principle, it may be a bit complicated, so just don't do it.

Suggestion 4:

Buy a mobile phone with a large battery capacity, at least when its battery is "frozen" and run, it will last longer than other mobile phones~