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How can I optimise and extend the battery life on my phone?(Page 1)

How can I optimise and extend the battery life on my phone?(Page 1)

Oct 16,2020
How can I optimise and extend the battery life on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?(Page 1)

Battery life depends very much on how the battery is used. Note that different devices differ by battery life. The expected battery life for your model can be found in the manual.


You can check battery information such as how much time is left on your battery, switch to Power Saving Mode, or set app permissions to run in the background by going to Settings > Device Maintenance Battery 

The below tips will show you how to get the best out of your battery in everyday usage and how to look after your battery.

Looking after your battery

Adjust your display settings 
Long screen time-out settings or high display brightness can substantially reduce battery time. 
Lower your brightness setting by pulling down the notifications menu and using the slider to adjust the brightness. You shouldn't need full brightness unless you are outside in direct sunlight.

Power Saving Mode
Out and about and running out of battery? Your device has a Power Saving Mode. Power Saving Mode differs slightly between devices but generally it will close all unnecessary apps and screens so that you can substantially increase your battery time.

How often does your device synchronise data?
If like most people, you have a number of apps on your device such as email or social media, these apps will frequently sync, or check for new emails or updates. Frequently syncing can reduce your battery life. Check the sync settings on your apps or email, and ensure they only sync as often as you need them to.

Are you in an area of poor reception? How many signal bars do you have?
If you use your device for prolonged areas of poor reception, your device will use more power communicating with your network operator.
The use of mobile data in areas with low signal can use a lot of power. Switch off mobile data if you are running short of battery and don't need it.

Latest firmware
Make sure you have the latest software update available for your device. 

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS if you don't need them, as each regularly checks for a signal which uses power.
You can switch each of these off by pulling down the drop down menu and tapping the relevant icon.

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