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How powerful is the explosion of lithium batteries?

How powerful is the explosion of lithium batteries?

Oct 10,2020
How powerful is the explosion of lithium batteries?
With the development of lithium battery technology, the market share of lithium batteries is now slowly increasing!

However, with the growth of the market, there are more and more accidents of lithium batteries! The most we have seen is the explosion of lithium batteries.
In fact, the thermal activity of lithium batteries is very large, but there are still many reasons for the explosion, such as:

1. Temperature. There are many factors that affect the safety of lithium batteries. Among them, battery materials have an important impact on the safety of lithium batteries, because battery materials are usually thermally active. When the battery temperature continues to rise, many thermal reactions occur inside. When the heat can not be dissipated in time, it is easy to cause battery safety accidents.

2. Manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of the battery is also an important factor affecting the safety performance of the battery.

3. Use process. During use, overheating caused by high current (external short circuit, internal short circuit) causes an explosion; rupture may also expose the unstable negative electrode (with lithium deposits) to the air after being filled with air, resulting in a large amount of Heat release/or insufficient negative electrode capacity; overcharge/overdischarge can also cause an explosion.
So how powerful is the explosion of lithium batteries?

To give a simple case, there is a case of aluminum alloy, the size is 20*120*300 (mm), the positive electrode of the battery is lithium manganese oxide and the battery with a capacity of 50AH explodes during the overshoot test: 3 meters high roof It was dark, a hole was blasted through the wall about half a meter away from the battery (I forgot whether the wall was brick or sandwich panel), and the windows and doors glass shattered.

In contrast, lead-acid batteries are still very safe, and the failure of lead-acid batteries can be repaired by technical means, while problems with lithium batteries can only be replaced by replacement