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Misunderstanding of lithium battery discharge, precautions for use of lithium battery

Misunderstanding of lithium battery discharge, precautions for use of lithium battery

Sep 29,2020
Misunderstanding of lithium battery discharge, precautions for use of lithium battery
Misunderstanding of lithium battery discharge, precautions for use of lithium battery. The more the lithium battery is discharged, the greater the loss of the battery, and the more fully charged the battery, the greater the loss of the battery. It is best for the lithium battery to be in the middle of the capacity, in which case the battery life will be the longest. So what are the misunderstandings of lithium battery discharge? What are the precautions when using lithium batteries? Let's discuss it with the editor of Cuneng Electric.

Nowadays, most electronic products use lithium batteries. Since their appearance in 1990, lithium batteries have been rapidly developed and widely used in society because of their outstanding functions. Lithium battery manufacturers have also obtained the largest planning development. There is no need to charge the lithium battery to 100% full, let alone run out of power. When the situation permits, try to keep the battery's capacity near the half-full condition, and the smaller the range of charging and discharging, the better.
Misunderstanding of Lithium Battery Discharge

①Excessively high and low power states have the most adverse impact on the life of lithium batteries, but the number of charge and discharge cycles is secondary;

②Long-term low or no power state will make the resistance of the battery to the movement of electrons become greater and greater, thus causing the battery capacity to become smaller;

③Temperature also has a greater impact on the life of lithium batteries. The environment below freezing point may cause the lithium battery to burn out when the electronic product is turned on, while the overheated environment will reduce the battery capacity;

④Lithium batteries will be easily scrapped if they are at 100% capacity for a long time.

⑤Do not use in high temperature environment, do not charge when the temperature is too low, try not to low battery power, generally about 30% charge is best.

⑥Try to avoid plugging in the charger for a long time. The charger should use a regular company, don't use other brands, too fast charging speed will also affect the battery life.

Precautions for the use of lithium batteries

1. The battery cannot be charged immediately after being discharged from the outdoor high temperature or when the battery is taken back under high temperature. It can be charged only after the surface temperature of the battery cools;

2. When storing, put it in a dry and safe room; low temperature storage will not damage the battery, but the battery temperature should be increased when using it, and it should be placed in the car when using it outdoors;

3. Pay attention to the "+" and "-" signs on the battery and electrical appliances, and insert the batteries into the electrical appliances correctly. If the battery is installed reversely, the battery may be charged or short-circuited, which may cause the battery to overheat, leak, discharge, rupture, explode, catch fire, and cause personal injury.

4. When replacing batteries, replace all batteries with new batteries of the same brand and model at the same time. When batteries of different brands, different models, or new and old batteries are mixed, due to differences in voltage or capacity, some batteries may be over-discharged or Forced discharge, resulting in leakage, venting, explosion, fire and personal injury.

5. Maintaining proper charging and discharging of lithium batteries can extend battery life. Maintaining lithium battery power at 10% to 90% helps protect the battery. This means that when charging the batteries of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops, there is no need to reach the maximum value.

Lithium batteries are one of the new energy products advocated by my country’s thermal power. Lithium batteries are now widely used by consumers with their own advantages "energy saving and environmental protection". The above are some precautions and misunderstandings about the use of lithium batteries. In work and use, if you don’t pay attention, it will bring great losses to consumers. The correct use of lithium batteries is very important.