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How to judge whether the mobile phone battery is healthy?

How to judge whether the mobile phone battery is healthy?

Aug 29,2020
How to judge whether the mobile phone battery is healthy?
News of the explosion of mobile phone charging occurs from time to time. The health of mobile phone batteries is not only a mobile phone issue, but also a major issue about personal safety.
Why does the phone explode

Cell phone batteries are responsible for storing electrical energy in the cell part, but when the battery is overcharged or overdischarged, it may break through the diaphragm in the battery cell, which will short-circuit the cell, causing high temperature and high pressure and causing an explosion, except for charging/discharging In addition to the possibility of explosion, the mobile phone battery may also cause an explosion when it is not working. This is because the high voltage has been generated when the mobile phone is charged, reaching the critical value of the battery shell. When the external temperature and pressure exceed the critical point, it will There will be an explosion. Although mobile phone batteries now generally have overshoot and overdischarge protection.
On how to judge whether the battery is healthy, the editor introduces a few simple methods.
Check the appearance of the battery (for models with removable batteries or disassembled mobile phones...)

The first thing you can check is the appearance of the battery to see if the battery has a bulge or a white/green unknown solid on the battery contacts, or there is obvious damage. If the aging bulge is not obvious, you can test whether the battery has a bulge by rotating it.
Use the software to check the battery health level of the mobile phone (for models that cannot remove the battery)

For models that cannot remove the battery, the most convenient way is to use the software to view. For some Android models, you can directly enter *#*#4636#*#* on the dial interface to view the hand battery information entry. Give a chestnut with your mobile phone.
For other Android models, you can install software to view battery information. http://b2c.958shop.com/ In the battery information display interface, we can see the battery operating status, battery voltage, battery temperature and other information, generally we can pay attention to the first 3, from the editor online statistics According to the information, the normal discharge voltage of mobile phone batteries is usually between 3600mV and 4300mV (if the battery of a friend’s mobile phone is not in this range, it does not mean that there is a problem, but you should pay attention to it or directly find a professional to repair it), and the battery temperature The indoor temperature is around 22 degrees, and the battery temperature is 23.6 degrees. Although this data is definitely different from everyone's, if you find that the battery temperature is extremely high or the body is hot, you should immediately shut it down and send it for inspection.
For fruit brand phones, you can use itools to check.

It should be noted here that if the loss of capacity exceeds 20%, [(1-actual capacity)/design capacity]x100%, the editor also recommends a new battery.

To sum up
Finally, the editor reminds everyone that when charging the phone, please ensure ventilation and try not to get close to people or combustibles. When playing games, watching videos or talking on the phone for a long time, please feel the temperature of the phone more. If the temperature is too high, you should stop using it. If you want to change the battery, please choose a brand new original battery or a more famous brand battery. Finally, I wish you all the machines safe and easy to use.