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What are the effects of the epidemic on the economy?

What are the effects of the epidemic on the economy?

Apr 25,2020

What are the effects of the epidemic on the economy?

In the face of this sudden new pneumonia epidemic, every industry has been hit to varying degrees; what is the impact of the epidemic on the economy? What is the change to the enterprise?

In this new pneumonia epidemic, many people see a decline in turnover in different industries in the short term, a decline in profits, and even losses. Is it really that simple?

The effect of new pneumonia on consumption

For example, the catering industry, whether it is a major brand chain, or many catering single stores; if it is okay for one to two months, everyone can barely support it. For example, in the retail industry, many large shopping malls and shopping malls are now open, even if some stores are still open for business, and there is almost no turnover. In the future, when the epidemic is over, everyone will not dare to go to too many people in the short term; therefore, in the future, whether it is a restaurant or a shopping mall, it must have its own online "traffic channel".

The impact of new pneumonia on manufacturing

This sudden outbreak has left many companies in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta unprepared. It was originally difficult to recruit people and work hard. Through this outbreak, some large enterprises will pay more attention to the "automation" of production, reduce the use of labor as much as possible, and replace "manual" with "machine".

Through this outbreak, small and medium-sized enterprises will pay attention to the balance of the distribution of manual recruitment sources from the boss to the manpower, and will recruit as many people as possible from different regions. In the near future, in the production of enterprises, everyone will pay attention to the "automation" of production; in the recruitment of employees, they will also pay more attention to the "diversity" of the employee's source area.

The impact of new pneumonia on exports

This new type of pneumonia has affected exports. Due to the epidemic, many companies have already faced the risk of default on their export orders. The "speed" and "strength" of our handling of the epidemic this time have been highly affirmed by the Director General of the World Health Organization Tan Desai. There are many friends of entrepreneurs who are doing foreign trade around me. They have been worried recently, especially worried about being classified as an "endemic area". Because once this happens, our products will become "products in epidemic areas", not only affecting exports, but the most important thing is that they are both exported and also rejected by the market. There are many companies doing export sales, basically all export-oriented, domestic sales are almost zero; future companies, while doing export sales, will also develop some domestic sales markets, domestic sales will also try to do some export markets . The economic impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia is a change in "market sales" in the short term and a "business model" in the long term. This new pneumonia epidemic has brought not only "challenges" but also opportunities to every industry; it is forcing each of our companies to "transform and upgrade" to enhance their core competitiveness to adapt to this era. In the end, let us work together to win the war without smoke!

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