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To prevent the flu, start with the correct mask!

To prevent the flu, start with the correct mask!

Mar 28,2020

To prevent the flu, start with the correct mask!

Why is it recommended to wear a mask to prevent respiratory infections?


When winter infectious diseases are high, wearing a mask is not only an effective measure to protect yourself from being infected by others, but also an effective measure to protect people around you when you have respiratory symptoms, just like setting a "filter barrier" for your respiratory system.

Under what circumstances should I wear a mask?


1. When going to the hospital for treatment.

2. When taking public transportation.

3. In the high incidence period of respiratory infectious diseases, it is necessary to stay in a relatively closed or crowded space for a long time.

4. If a colleague or classmate has a cold in an office or a school class.

5. When the patient is in close contact with people.

For the protection of infectious diseases in winter, it is most suitable to choose disposable medical masks. It is recommended to buy products from regular companies.


How to wear a mask correctly?


Wearing the mask incorrectly can reduce the effectiveness. The most important thing when wearing a mask is to ensure the tightness. This requires choosing a model that suits you. For example, children need to use children's masks that match the age and face size.

When wearing disposable medical masks, fully unfold the folded surface, completely cover the mouth, nose, and jaw, and then press the nose clip so that the mask fits the face completely. Also note that disposable masks are inside and outside The light-colored side is hygroscopic and should be close to the mouth and nose, with the dark side facing outward.


Precautions when wearing a mask


Wash your hands before wearing a mask. After wearing the mask, try not to touch it. If you must touch, remember to wash your hands before and after you touch it.

When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing the mask. Try not to reuse disposable medical masks.