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How to buy a safe and reliable power bank?

How to buy a safe and reliable power bank?

Jan 9,2020
How to buy a safe and reliable power bank?

1. Look at the battery.

The main component that determines the safety of the power bank is the cell, which includes lithium electronic cell and lithium polymer cell respectively.

Lithium polymer cell is the first choice, because of its high capacity density, light weight, good circulation performance, and the electrolyte in the cell is gel polymer solid, which is different from the usual liquid electrolyte, which is safer and not easy to explode.

2. Look at the capacity.

The bigger the capacity, the better? No, it's not.Power bank capacity is too large, the more time to charge it, long-term use will not run out of part of the loss, and the larger the capacity, the easier it is to falsely mark! Therefore, the choice of 5000-10000mAh capacity is just right, to meet daily use, but also easy to carry.

3. Look at the current and voltage.

The charging voltage and current of the power bank will affect the stability and speed of charging, too much damage to the mobile phone, too small charging will be slow. Now the output voltage of the power bank is generally 5V, the current should be at least 1A, and the better one is 2A.

4. Look at the appearance.

Identify regular manufacturers, with "OPJ" logo, their product quality after professional quality control and testing, packaging will have the manufacturer's production address, telephone, anti-counterfeiting code, bar code and other information.