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What are some tips for charging your phone?

What are some tips for charging your phone?

Nov 6,2019
What are some tips for charging your phone?

1. When charging, try to use the original charger to charge the mobile phone. Using usb to charge the mobile phone with low output current will extend the charging time.

2. Reducing the phone's own power consumption during charging will make it more powerful to charge.Battery activity is closely related to battery temperature. It is recommended to avoid charging in an environment with abnormal temperature.

3. During the charging process, it is recommended to remove the protective shell or back cover of the phone, so that the battery can dissipate heat freely.The high battery consumption of the mobile phone itself will also make the mobile phone hot, it is recommended to optimize the power saving of the mobile phone before charging.

4. In the process of use, the lithium battery of mobile phone should be properly maintained to keep the mobile phone's electrons active and flowing. It is recommended to charge with the mobile phone at ordinary times and fully charge it once a month.