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What causes cell phone batteries to explode?

What causes cell phone batteries to explode?

Sep 26,2019

What causes cell phone batteries to explode?

Normally, people don't associate an exploding cell phone with a battery.But in fact, the real source of the explosion is the battery.Experts believe that the root cause of the battery explosion is the use of counterfeit products.According to experts, most of the batteries used in mobile phones are lithium batteries, and there are three reasons for the battery explosion:

(1) the battery itself.Due to the internal defects of the battery, the battery itself explodes without charging or discharging.

(2) the battery has been overcharged for a long time.Lithium battery in special temperature, humidity and poor contact conditions or environment may produce a large amount of current instantaneous discharge, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion;

(3) short circuit.This is less likely.In addition, a mobile phone placed next to a hot or flammable object can also cause an explosion.

(4) excessive charging leads to explosion

Once the two poles come into contact, electrical energy no longer flows to the electrodes on either side, but directly to the electrolyte between them.

So to ensure the safety of mobile phones to do:

1, choose a good quality of the original battery

2, choose a good quality charger

3, pay attention to the battery temperature

4, find abnormal stop charging