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Near the purchase of mobile power annual leave, knowing that these six will not be pit

Near the purchase of mobile power annual leave, knowing that these six will not be pit

Jan 9,2018

With the widespread use of smart phones, we chat QQ, wechat, brush microblogging, watching movies, listening to music, etc., but the battery is not durable, usually full one day, even some can only be used for a long time, which also makes Mobile power is widely used, but it is used as an essential but not commonly used electronic product in life. Many people have the idea of ​​buying a mobile power supply. Anyway, it takes a while for a holiday to go out for travel or work, Long, on the stalls will buy one just fine.

Popular said: not afraid of ten thousand, afraid of in case. You will buy mobile power here, maybe your life will be safe. We should not catch the greed for the cheap and catch their own life! 2016 Spring Festival is approaching, in order to allow you to stay home on the way always keep in touch with family and friends and relatives, to buy yourself a mobile power is very important, Pay attention to the following 6:00, you can buy back a practical, durable and secure mobile power will not be pit.

1, choose a mobile shell fire powerLithium battery mobile power charging and discharging in the process of generating heat, which is why we use the mobile power supply in the process of mobile power will heat the reason. If the heat is too high, the plastic case may be ignited, causing an explosion. So the existence of the shell, not only beautiful, but also a good protective device.At present the metal shell on the market, all have the fireproof function, and the ABS and PC two kinds of plastic shell of the material is only part of the fireproof function, but most are not, so in the choice, you can consider the preferred metal shell mobile power.
2, buy a full range of certified mobile power

Here we mainly look at the products are obtained by the international and domestic quality certification, we all know that electronic products should have a formal certification, consumers can check whether the product has third-party certification or certification is complete, to obtain the confidence of the purchase . Third-party product certification to confirm the product is in line with certain quality standards and safety requirements. Where to buy mobile power to pay special attention to the following four certification: UN38.3, 3C, MSDS and ROHS certification, as long as the four certification is generally reliable.
3, the capacity to see demandIn order to attract users, many manufacturers have introduced a large capacity mobile phone, and some even large capacity to 20000mAh. But you know? The capacity of mobile power is proportional to the volume. In other words, high-capacity mobile power supply, the volume will be larger, covering children, not portable.If the phone is not very much power consumption, the road is not far away, one day to add electricity, then 5000mAh capacity mobile power enough. However, if you are traveling abroad for long periods of time, you need enough power to run the car. You do not need to worry too much about moving the power too much. You usually have to go backpacking when traveling and do not lack the mobile power supply. The specific choice to see everyone's own needs.
4, priority brandThe principle of the structure of the mobile power is basically the same, so it will not be as difficult as the election mobile phone, which configuration is hesitant what they need. Mainly look at the appearance, capacity and price and security. The first three mainly depends on personal preferences, and security, is definitely the preferred brand, after all, as we all know, there is a certain risk of cottage products, and brand products more secure.So even if you spend a little more money, choose to buy brand mobile power, to add a more secure security, value for money.5, formal channels to buyNow the brand cottage product is too much like, for those who do not have the professional knowledge of identification, through formal channels to buy, you do not have to worry about pit friends. And through regular channels to buy mobile power, manufacturers, all kinds of parameters, certificates, invoices, etc. is very complete, after-sales convenience.
6, shop aroundTo choose a more cost-effective, safer mobile power, whether you are in the store or on the e-commerce platform to buy, shop around is inevitable. If not for a product has a persistent pursuit, you can compare more than a few brands to see more models, look at the same color, capacity, shape of the mobile power, which brand more performance and safer. Such a reasonable price to buy the favorite product, but also equivalent to get a good mood.