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Charging treasure to buy, use tips

Charging treasure to buy, use tips

Update Time:2018/1/20

Charging treasure to buy, use tips:

① To buy a logo complete product. Products should have the product name, model, rated capacity (rated energy), battery energy (battery capacity), factory name or trademark.

② The input and output ports shall have the name of the port and the rated voltage and current value. The packaging shall be marked with safety warnings, production dates or batch numbers, and the factory name of the factory shall be marked with Chinese characters. The duplicate contents marked on the package and the product must be the same.

③ charging hot if it should immediately stop charging, if the display has been charged should be promptly cut off.

④ Avoid contact with heavy metal or sharp metal parts, to prevent the internal batteries are heavy pressure deformation or sharp metal piercing, explosion.

⑤ abandoned mobile power to a reasonable recovery, do not discarded with domestic waste.